Selfridges Agender Beauty Box: Limited Edition



The Selfridges Agender Beauty Box is currently available as a one-off purchase, and was created by the company to launch their new Agender campaign. Its a little pricier than my usual boxes but when you get a look at the brands included inside it’s easy to see why!
The first products I tried were the Kiehl’s Ultra-Facial Cleanser and the Konjac sponge:


I am familiar with the Kiehl’s brand but I have to admit that I have never gone quite so high-end with my skincare before so this is the first of their products that I have tried! I am really into trying out different cleansers at the moment though so I was happy to give this one a go. I had also seen the Konjac sponges around but again, I’d never actually tried one before. I slathered on the cleanser then followed the instructions on the sponge packaging, rinsing it to fully hydrate it then squeezing out the excess water. I then rubbed in the cleanser using wide, circular motions with the sponge and gave my face a quick rinse and splash of cold water afterwards. The cleanser foamed reasonably well (I sort of take that as a sign that a product will really do it’s job properly!) and I absolutely loved the thorough cleansing effect that the sponge gave me. You can even use it without a cleanser but for the purpose of the box review I decided to double the products up.
The packaging stated that the sponge would last about 3 months and I will continue using it as part of my skincare routine for that time. Since they retail for a very reasonable £7.99 I will most likely replace it when it has seen better days too!

Next I decided to trial the three make-up products, a NARS mini eyeliner, Illamasqua mascara and OCC lip tar.


This is the NARS Larger than Life long-wear eyeliner. It is a useful black shade and I love the fact that you just twist the end to expose more lead rather than having to sharpen but I found the tip too firm to enable me to easily apply a neat line across my upper lash line. After reviewing both this and the Laura Mercier eyeliner from my April Birchbox I have come to the conclusion that luxury eyeliner brands are not suited to my personal product needs and I would be better off sticking to mid-range or cheap and cheerful brands in future!
In spite of me not being able to achieve a tidy line, when smudged the liner did a good job in achieving a strong smoky eye and looked great when used in conjunction with the Illamasqua mascara:


Again, the product is a classic true black colour and it has a lovely luxuriously full wand brush. It was easy to apply and built up to a lovely strong and striking effect. Both products complemented each other well to achieve a good strong smoky eye effect for a night out.

Lastly was the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar:


I loved the dinky storage pouch and the lip brush that was included. As the name suggests, this product has a thick, gloopy consistency and might be a little tricky to apply without a brush. The shade is a light gold-peach metallic and when I first applied it I didn’t like it at all. It is was too strong a statement for me! However, when I looked at myself in the mirror later when it had worn off a bit I quite liked the subtle sheen so I think that it would look quite pretty if you applied a little of this over your regular lip colour to create a bit more sparkle and interest to it.

Also included in this box is an O.P.I Nail Lacquer in ‘Tickle my France-y’.


It is a gorgeous neutral nude shade which would be great for an everyday manicure or even bridal nails. O.P.I really is a top quality nail polish brand and if you are after something with a strong colour that is durable then it is one of the best.

Next up, Dermalogica conditioning body wash:


This is a well established, leading skincare brand which I’m sure most people will have heard of. I tested this out in the shower and applied it with a body puff to get a really luxurious, creamy lather but I love the fact that it can also be added to running water as a foaming bath soak. I love my long, hot baths! I could imagine this product performing really well in that context because eucalyptus, rosemary, sandalwood, lavender and sage essential oils are prevalent ingredients, giving it quite a pungent, musky scent. This would be really nice and relaxing in a bath but I prefer my shower gels and body washes to be zingy and invigorating. The product definitely did a good job at cleansing moisturising my  skin though and since the sample is a generous 75ml size I’m looking forward to continuing to use it until it runs out!

Also included in this box is a sample of Verso night cream:


This formula contains Retinol 8, which has a soothing and calming effects on the skin. The Verso skincare website claims that regularly using this cream can help your skin produce more collagen, thus reversing existed signs of ageing as well as helping to protect it from future damage. This would certainly be a welcome effect but since this sample will probably only last me 5-7 days and the full size product retails  at around £85 I won’t get to see whether this is true! I did use it for 3 evenings though and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth so its definitely worth using up the sample.

The final product in this jam-packed box of goodies is the Lancaster Tan Maximizer:


This legendary product may not need much introduction to many. I have fond memories of Cabin Crew on package holidays trying to flog this to all of their passengers on the return flight so that they could hold onto their hard earned tans as long as possible!
Since I do not currently possess the slightest hint of colour on my sun starved skin I haven’t had the opportunity to actually try this out yet but I will say that this lotion has been around for years and is still as popular as ever! Aside from being an effective soothing after sun lotion, it actually encourages melanin production so that your tan will last as long as possible, even without subsequent sun exposure. This also ensures that skin is better adapted when it is exposed to the sun again. Has anyone tried this? What do you think? I will be more than willing to give it a go if my skin does see any exposure at any point this year; I’ll be desperate to hang onto any hint of a tan for as long as possible!

The Selfridges Agender Beauty Box is still available exclusively from for £30 plus postage and packing or free delivery to your nearest store.


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