A Touch Of Velvet



While I’m putting the finishing touches to my April Glossybox review I thought I’d do a quick piece on my favourite lip product at the moment, the gorgeous Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! I was first introduced to this lipstick when I received the ‘Nude-ist’ shade in a Latest in Beauty box last month (It’s on the left, the other shades are ‘Peach Club’ and ‘Happy Nude Year’). As soon as I applied it I was impressed by the colour and texture and as the day wore on it became apparent that it had pretty impressive staying power too! I am usually a no-nonsense tinted lip gloss or Clinique Chubby Stick kind of girl but this was definitely love at first application and it has encouraged me to make more of a feature of my lips these days. I love the matte effect of these lipsticks but by far the best thing about them is their longevity. The fact that you can slick them on at the beginning of the night and not have to worry about endless touch ups after every drink is a godsend (I’m still pretty low maintenance at heart!).
I’ve included some snaps of me wearing my current 3 colours to give you an idea of the true shades and effect. I have applied one layer of each shade alongside the natural make up I have been wearing all day to allow the lipstick to take central stage!

Despite belonging to the ‘nude’ end of the shade spectrum, ‘Nude-ist’ still gives a rush of colour and a striking effect without being too try-hard. In actual fact it is quite a pinkish colour:


Sorry about the manic expression i’m still working on perfecting the selfie! Haha. As I said I loved everything about this lipstick as soon as I saw it and I became obsessed with owning more shades so when I was doing a spot of online shopping at very.co.uk the other day and I realized that they stocked them I couldn’t resist popping a couple in my basket.
Next up is another from the nude collection, ‘Happy Nude Year’:


This one is a lighter, more candy pink tone than ‘Nude-ist’ and is lovely for a natural, pretty daytime look.

The final shade from my own collection is ‘Peach Club’:


I have been looking for a nice coral lip colour for some time but I wasn’t sure if it would suit me so when I saw that there was a peachy Rouge Velvet shade I knew I had to try it out. Although all of my current shades are pretty subtle, this one probably gives the best idea of the potential that some of the stronger shades can have. Now I have tried and loved these I will be working my way up the colour spectrum towards the more daring ones!

The best thing about these lipsticks is the fact that they glide on smoothly without you having to worry about them clinging to any flakes or dry patches that you may have on your lips like some of the longer lasting lip stains can. I think this is due to the matte liquid lipstick formula being thicker than most stains and therefore able to disguise small imperfections rather than highlight them.

So whether you’re after a subtle but long lasting natural look or something more daring, give these lip colours a go. They retail at around £8.99 but many stockists have offers on Bourjois products at the moment! http://superdrug.com has them included in their 3 for 2 offer while http://boots.com is currently selling them at 2 for £14. They are also 3 for 2 at http://very.co.uk at the moment as well (priced at £9 each) if you already have an account!

Check out the full collection of shades here http://www.bourjois.co.uk/catalog/make_up/lips/lipstick/rouge_edition_velvet and see if any of them take your fancy…


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