Glossybox: April 2015



April’s Glossybox is a special Iconic Hollywood Edition, featuring a beautifully designed box (complete with an inspiring quote inside the lid) and a line up of products which promise to help you feel confident, glamourous and basically just all-round awesome.


Firstly I have to say that the box really is very pretty and the quote by Elizabeth Taylor really made me smile. Did the products inside give me something to smile about too? Read on…

The first product I was drawn to was the Lord and Berry crayon lipstick:


This is a nice chunky lip crayon in the suitably Hollywood shade ‘Kiss’ which is a bold orangey red. As soon as I began applying it I was struck by how strong the colour was. I expected a pencil to be quite easy to apply but I found myself having to take extra care to stay within my natural lip line and then fill in the rest of my lips evenly because the colour was so powerful. Mistakes are going to show up! I am used to using lip products with applicators that allow the product to glide on quite effortlessly so this was an eye opener for me. Never the less, I was really impressed with the end result and the colour lasted impressively through a mid afternoon nap, several glasses of water and the homemade burger that I ate for dinner so in terms of longevity this pencil is definitely a winner! I have seen Lord and Berry products popping up in quite a few Beauty Boxes lately and based on this product I would welcome the opportunity to see what else the brand offers.

I decided to go for full-on glamour and trial the Pop Beauty Kajal Pen at the same time as the lip crayon:


This eyeliner is in a universally useful ‘Sooty Black’ shade and comes complete with it’s own smudger on the end for an effortless smoky eye effect. I had much more success with this liner than the others that I have tried recently due to the softer, creaminess of the Kajal pencil. It glides on easily in a strong, smooth line for a simple but striking effect or can easily be smudged and blended to add dramatic colour to your entire lid. I layered an old grey e.l.f cream eyeshadow on top to create a bold wet-look smoky effect which I will definitely replicate for my next big night out.

Next up is the Color Club Nail Lacquer in ‘Barely There’:


This really is a true nude shade and would make a lovely speedy alternative to a French manicure for everyday understated nails. You could use one coat for a nice transparent sheen if you are a pro with nail polish application but I had to apply a second coat just to neaten mine up since i’m far from an expert! The second coat resulted in a more matte look and a nice beige colour. Still nice and natural but a little more noticeable. I will definitely try a full application of this lacquer soon once I have buffed and filed my nails in preparation. The shade might just be subtle enough to get away with at work!

Next up I gave the Nougat London Soothing Bath Pearls a whirl:


They looked adorable in their sweet little organza bag and as a lover of a long soak, I was looking forward to the luxurious and pampering experienced that was promised on the label. However, after following the instructions and sprinkling a handful into my warm bath they just dissolved into nothing and I couldn’t really tell they were there! In hindsight I realise that my interpretation of a ‘handful’ was probably a bit stingy (the instruction card within the Glossybox suggests a tablespoon full) so it was probably entirely my fault that they didn’t have the desired effect! I will just have to try them again this evening to get a better idea! Either way though, bath pearls are more of a gift item in my opinion so I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy any more for myself anyway.

The final item in my box was Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream:


I have noticed that many of my latest Beauty Boxes have contained anti-ageing skincare products which may be due to the fact that many of the box companies ask you to complete surveys in order to determine what kind of products you would be most interested in then tailor your box selections to your responses. Having turned 30 last year it is actually quite sweet that they are trying to help me grow old as gracefully as possible! Anyhow, I am always grateful for the opportunity to try a sample from a luxury brand whatever it may be, so I was excited to try this out. I slathered it on before bed last night and again this morning underneath my BB cream eagerly waiting for my beauty to be revealed. Unfortunately as the morning progressed all that was revealed to me was a slightly blotchy, uneven looking skin tone and patches of irritation. To add insult to injury the wrinkles around my mouth looked more pronounced than ever! Granted, I had a rubbish night’s sleep and did a bit of a rush job of my minimal make up at 6.20am before I left for work but I still expected more promising results than this. My skin is quite sensitive and I think that I just reacted badly to it personally, it may work miracles on other people! The cream was lovely and thick but it did absorb really well into my skin so if you do get hold of one of these samples and you don’t have sensitive skin yourself I think it’d definitely be worth a try!

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service that costs £13.25 a month including P&P. If you are unhappy with the product or service you are free to unsubscribe at any time. Check them out at


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    • Yeah I saw pics of other peoples’ box contents and was quite happy with mine overall! I’m not sure how much difference the questionnaires really make to the products you receive but it’s definitely worth keeping them updated just in case!

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