So Susan Lip Love Bag: April 2015



I’ve got to say I really am loving this subscription! As I mentioned in my previous So Susan post, I opted to receive the March bag when I began my subscription at the beginning of this month because I liked the look of the contents and didn’t want to miss out. However, I wasn’t sure whether it was being sent instead of or in addition to the April bag and I didn’t want to miss out on that one either! An email to customer services via the So Susan site was met with a quick response explaining that I would next be billed 10th May for the May bag but should I wish to also receive the April one they would be happy to process the payment and dispatch it immediately. I jumped at the chance and this lovely little package dropped onto my doormat just a couple of days later. I really appreciate a website with efficient customer service so this experience has made me love So Susan even more! Anyway, onto the contents of the bag:


The first item that I tried out was the Colour Hybrid Velvety Lip and Cheek Mousse in ‘Marsala’. On first application I wasn’t expecting such a strong colour and I accidentally squeezed way too much out of the tube! The hole at the end of the applicator is quite big so go easy when you squeeze otherwise you will end up getting the product everywhere. Start with a little and add more if required. After a bit of tidying up with the help of my trusty Micellar water I was quite taken with the result. You definitely need to give it a bit of drying time but when it has set in place it really brightens up your face with a lovely deep cerise colour and it smells nice too. This doesn’t stay in place as well as a stain (it did leave small traces on my glass as I drank and the colour definitely faded noticeably throughout the day, though didn’t disappear completely) though neither does it suck all of the moisture from your lips like some stains seem to. I think that if you used a lip brush for a more precise application then this is a nice product in a lovely fun but wearable shade and I will definitely be adding it to my lip colour rotation. I would be wary of using it as a cheek colour though! I think the shade might be a bit too dark for that.

Next up I tried out the 8- Hour Cheek Stain:


This cheek color takes the form of an easy to apply jumbo twist stick and is in the quite soft pink shade ‘Fiery Earth’. This is designed for quick application and it is pretty much the right size for a quick stroke over the apples of your cheeks followed by a bit of blending to soften the edges and you’re good to go. It gives a nice healthy flush of colour for a more natural alternative to bronzer. I don’t usually use blusher very often but I am planning to add this to my weekday make up routine to brighten up my face a bit on dreary mornings at work.

If you’d prefer a bronzer you are also in luck, because the generous people at So Susan have included bronzer in this bag too:


This Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo in ‘Aruba’ provides you with two wearable bronzer shades, one a peachy shade and the other a deeper, darker tone. Since this duo is a dinky handbag friendly size it is a bit difficult to get a full sized brush into it so I opted to use my fingers to apply the individual shades and also tried sweeping my usual bronzer brush over both shades to combine them. This gave a nice healthy glow and will probably be the way to go when applying the product in the future. I liked the fact that the product is matte so you’re not left with an unnatural looking shimmer that you can get with some bronzing products. This is a striking effect for a night out but can be a bit ridiculous when you are going for a more natural daytime look so I am grateful that this product contains no shimmer.

I was very excited about the next product out of the bag, Wonderlight Luminizer + Brightening Base:


This is a double sided product which can be used as a concealer, eyeshadow primer and highlighter. The shade, ‘Pink Glow’ is perfect to use to highlight cheek and browbones and in the inner corner of your eyes for a wide awake look and the traditional looking concealer stick side can be used as an under eye concealer as well as on the lids to create a crease proof base to prime the lids and make your chosen eye colour more long lasting. This really is a wonder product and I have used it several times as part of my AM routine, disguising my dark circles a little with the concealer before I apply my BB Cream and highlighting the inner corners of my eyes to make me look a bit more well rested than I actually feel!
These are available individually on the site priced at £11.95 and I can definitely see myself purchasing a replacement when this one runs out, though it is a generous size so hopefully that won’t be for a good while yet!

The final product in the April bag is these cute hair clips:


These cute flowers are attached to ever-useful Bobby Pins so they can be easily added to an up-do to give your usual style a bit of interest. I may give them a try during the summer months for a sweet, summery look although it’s more likely that my 3 year old niece will take a fancy to them before then and I will end up giving them to her! Likewise, if they aren’t your style personally I’m sure you will know a little girl who would be more than willing to take them off your hands!

For more information on So Susan’s Lip Love service, or to get your own subscription check out
Subscription costs £14.95 a month and shipping is included


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  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely! This is an amazing post and I am definitely going to have to try some of these products…especially that cheek stain! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra xx


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