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Have you guys checked out the new BeautyCrowd website yet? It is chock full of unique and affordable make up and beauty brands with new goodies being added all the time. This little haul arrived on Thursday and I’ve already placed my next order because I am so impressed! Here’s a quick run-through of my picks:

Milani Illuminating Face Powder in ‘Beauty’s Touch’ – £8.00


This is the product that first attracted me to the site and inspired me to have a little splurge; it’s just so damn gorgeous to look at! I had been after something to add to my fuss free morning routine to give me a wide-awake, healthy looking daytime glow and I thought that this would be perfect.
I applied it with a nice big kabuki brush for an all-over glow and it really did brighten up my complexion with only the slightest hint of shimmer (I’m not a big fan of it so I was grateful for that!). In addition to being used all over, this can also be used as a blusher and highlighter so is a great value for money multi tasker. The other two shade options are just as lovely so I definitely may be investing in the set at some point!

Next on my list of new everyday must haves was the Milani Clear Wax Brow Shaping Pencil – £4.00


As I start work at 7am most days and love my bed too much to get up at stupid o’ clock to apply a full on face of make up every morning I have been trying hard to create a basic work look that takes roughly 5 minutes to achieve. Sadly this means that my brows tend to get neglected! Enter this brow shaping pencil. It’s amazing how much better your brows can look if you just take 30 seconds to smooth them down and neaten up any unruly strays with this clear wax. It has definitely made the fuss free make up cut with me!

The final Milani product from my haul (boo!) was the Power Lip Gloss Stain in ‘Cabaret Blend’ – £6.00


Wow, I’m in love! I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite lip products from the many that I have tried lately, and there really have been a lot! Firstly, the shade is just beautiful. It’s a deep, sumptuous plum and as soon as I applied it my face just came alive. The second thing to note is the fact that it is a gloss AND a stain. Most of my stains are matte and when you are wearing them day in, day out they can dry out your lips. Not to mention the fact that sometimes you just need a gloss for that full on glamourous look! Well with this baby you get the best of both worlds. The colour is vibrant and long lasting and the formula leaves your lips feeling nourished. Another thing to note is the clever design of the product, which comes complete with a built in brush and a twist base, so it’s easy to control how much gloss comes out and easy to apply to your lips. I really am impressed with this and I have just visited the site yet again to pick out which shade I am going to try next!

Next up I decided to try out a few products from a really affordable brand, L.A. Colors. First up, the Chunky Lip Pencil in ‘Orange Cream’ – £2.50


A lip pencil is a great product to keep in the bottom of your handbag for on the go, hassle free touch ups and this one is really lovely. I chose the shade ‘Orange Cream’ because I really like the idea of brightening up my look for spring and wanted to try something a bit more daring than I would usually go for. At just £2.50 and with 7 pretty shades to choose from this is a really inexpensive way to venture out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new. I’ve got to say I wasn’t sure that I could pull the orange off but I was actually delighted with the result! The pencil has a smooth, creamy texture and application is effortless, providing a quick pop of colour whenever you want it. The pencil has a twist base so there’s no need to worry about having to sharpen it either.

The next product I went for was the L.A. Colors Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads – £1.95


I have received a lot of nail polishes in Beauty Boxes lately and I find it a real pain having to keep removing them again before work. These nail polish remover pads make light work of the task and the idea to make them scented is nothing short of genius. I detest the harsh smell of most polish removers and not only are there 6 fruity scents to choose from (I went for zesty lemon) but these pads are also acetone free so they are kind to your nails. If you are wearing a light shade of polish one pad should be enough for all 10 nails whereas a darker shade or multiple layers may need 2-3. Never the less, at £1.95 for a pack of 30 pads this is definitely an affordable option which has the added bonus of making your hands smell lovely when you’re done!

The final L.A. Colors product in my package is a Matte Lipstick in ‘Maroon’ – £1.95


I must start by saying that I was a little surprised to see this product when I opened the box because it wasn’t actually part of my order! After experiencing a delay in receiving my package I contacted Customer Services via email and was informed that the hold up was due to the fact that one of the items that I ordered was unavailable and that they had held the entire delivery back rather than dispatch an incomplete order. Well this is fair enough but when I opened my package and checked the packing list inside, the eye pencil that I ordered was still notably absent (as confirmed on the packing list) and this lipstick seemed to have been inexplicably supplied in it’s place. It is the same price as the pencil so i’m not sure whether it was supplied in error, as an alternative or as an extra gift by way of an apology for the delay with my order. Time to contact Customer Services again I think!
When I first saw the lipstick I thought that the shade would look way too dark on me but seeing as I had received it and I have been drawn to matte lip colours lately I decided that there was no harm in giving it a try. To my complete surprise I actually loved it! The lipstick has a creamy formula and is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help keep your lips moisturised. At just £1.95 and with a choice of 11 shades these lipsticks are another way to try out something out of your beauty comfort zone and are also a good introduction to the matte lips trend. I am grateful to Beauty Crowd for the chance to try out a product that I probably would never have picked for myself, whether it’s inclusion in my order was intentional or not!

The final product in my haul was this adorable set of Popbands in ‘Meadow’ – £8.00


I already use these brilliant no-snag hair ties every day having received one in a Latest in Beauty box and picking another as one of my choices in a Love Me Beauty box and when I saw the beautiful colour options and designs available through BeautyCrowd I couldn’t resist treating myself to a new set. Popbands are soft, stretchy and hold your hair securely in place without making kinks, so they are ideal if you want to go from office to bar and not have to worry about the state of your hair when you let it down after a day at work with it scraped back into a ponytail! Simply let it loose and give it a quick brush then slip your Popband on your wrist and hey presto you have great hair and a cute little bracelet to brighten up your outfit! You don’t have to worry about endlessly replacing your hair ties when you know that one can always be found on your wrist!
After being constantly moaned at by my hairdresser for the state of my hair due to scraping it back with bog standard elastic band style hair bobbles, I was really happy to find a product that was kinder to my hair and it is now in much better condition because of them. There’s no going back now for me, only on to discovering cute new Popband designs and colourways!

So that’s it for my review of my fantastic haul from check out the site for yourself and dare to try something new!


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