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I was lucky to get my hands on this collaboration between Latest in Beauty and British Beauty Blogger. The boxes sold out in record time so I’m glad I made an effort during my break at work to pop online and snap it up. Boxes like this are a great opportunity to get your hands on goodies from luxury brands that you might not normally be able to afford. My budget certainly wouldn’t stretch to purchasing this little lot separately! Jane Cunningham (aka British Beauty Blogger) has chosen her top Clinique make up and beauty picks for the coming summer months and I couldn’t wait to get started trying them out!
First up I spritzed on some of the ‘Happy’ perfume sample.


I actually can’t believe that I have never smelled a sample of this perfume before but it was completely new to me. It certainly lives up to it’s name though! It is a lovely fresh and uplifting scent perfect for giving you a morning pick me up and leaving you feeling ready to face the day. I love fresh, floral fragrances and this also has a hint of citrus which makes it perfect now the springtime weather is here. The sample comes in a cute 4ml bottle complete with a spray lid so it can be popped into your handbag to freshen up your fragrance effortlessly during the day. I will definitely look out for special offers on this fragrance in the future because I really do like it, though not enough to justify the price right away because I recently purchased a beautiful new daytime scent which I am very happy with for now.

Next up I tried out the make up items:


I have tried out a lot of new Mascaras lately but I was seriously impressed with Clinique’s High Impact Mascara. It is a full sized tube in black with a long but reasonably slender brush which allows you to get at your smaller lashes as well for an even coating all over. Just one coat gives quite a dramatic effect and although it doesn’t budge throughout the day, I didn’t have a problem removing it in the evening either.

Next, a product which has had a place in my make up bag for quite some time, the Clinique Chubby Stick:


I already own three of these jumbo lip crayons in varying shades of pink but I was still delighted to receive another. This one is in the shade ‘plumped up pink’ which is a little brighter and bolder than my others. In terms of moisturizing power combined with a variety of pretty colours, Chubby Sticks really are hard to beat. The formula keeps your lips feeling beautifully nourished the whole time you are wearing it and the crayon design makes touch ups a breeze, even if you don’t have access to a mirror. None of the shades that I have tried are bold enough to achieve a really strong, statement lip but they work well for a girly, more low key look. Perfect for the daytime or if you want to focus on a really strong smoky eye and want your lips to be a bit more low key in contrast.

The remainder if this box was comprised of Skincare products.


The Liquid Facial Soap is part of Clinique’s famous 3 step skincare system and is a mild formula specifically for use on dry/combination skin. Since I have been experiencing some intermittent dry patches on my face lately I suppose I do fall into this category and although I would usually choose to use products suitable for sensitive skin I gave this a try because Clinique are known for their dermatologically tested, fragrance free products and I figured I was in safe hands. Well my skin certainly felt clean, as you would expect with any cleanser but I was a bit disappointed that the whole of the 3 step system wasn’t included in the box. I’m not sure how you are supposed to get an accurate view of how these products can work for you at their best if you’re not able to see the whole picture.

While Step 2 of the skincare system was notably absent, the box did include step 3, Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + :


Once again this product is aimed at very dry to dry/combination skin. If my skin is feeling at all starved of moisture my general feeling is the stronger the moisturizing power, the better so once again I was happy to give this a go in spite of not really classing my skin as dry. As with the cleanser, I just felt a bit underwhelmed really. It does a good job of moisturizing but so do many other products. Perhaps it is the fact that my skin is not actually especially dry therefore is not crying out for these products, but I have a pretty good skincare system in place for myself already and trying these samples out have not convinced me to change it in any way. In fact, the only thing missing from my usual routine is a toner, and that is the product that is actually missing from this line up so I haven’t even had chance to discover whether including one would make a difference to my regime!

The next product is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel:


Suitable for all skin types, this is the kind of product that I can get a bit more excited about. I do like the occasional intensive treatment if my skin is feeling particularly dry and taut and this oil free gel is perfect for slathering on overnight so it can work it’s magic as you sleep. The gel formula feels soothing and cooling when applied but it absorbs well deep into your skin. I used this a couple of nights in a row and the dry patches that I have been experiencing lately did seem somewhat improved. My skin also looked and felt clearer and fresher overall. Unsurprisingly this is the most expensive of these skincare products, at £34.00 for a 50ml full sized pot but it is the only one that I would consider purchasing personally. I feel overall that the effects of Clinique’s 3 Step Skincare System could be achieved by any decent combination of Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. Buying these products is simply following the basic skincare advice that we have been given for years!

The final product in the box is the Take The Day Off makeup remover for lids, lashes and lips:


I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that this is a brilliant makeup remover. It glides onto your face and acts like a magnet, bringing all of the day’s make up off with it. It was particularly good at effortlessly removing stubborn mascara and smudged kohl eyeliner that my trusty Micellar Water sometimes struggles with and I will be keeping this sample bottle around for times when I need to remove particularly heavy makeup after a big night out. My main problem with it though, is that at £17.00 for a 125ml bottle versus £4.99 for 400ml of Garnier Micellar, it’s simply not worth the extra cash in my option. I’d much rather use a second Micellar soaked cotton pad to make sure I got every last trace of makeup off than pay the extra £12 for this.

The box also contained an invitation for a complementary Clinique service, complete with a free treat at your nearest Clinique counter and a voucher for £10 off your order at (on a minimum £40 spend)


This is a nice touch but I am not sure that I am willing to part with £40 in order to receive the £10 off anyway because nothing really stood out as a must have for me.

My opinion of this collection of products is pretty mixed really. I loved the Chubby Stick but I am already a fan and feel that the product does justify the £17.00 price tag (although saying that, I received my first one as a gift and my other two are half-size gifts that were free with Glamour magazine last year!). I was also really impressed with the mascara but it is a full sized tube and I have so many other mascaras I won’t be rushing out to buy another. Overall, my impression of the skincare range is that it is good, but over hyped and not really worth the money to me when mid-range brands could do the job just as well.

At £18.50 I am still definitely pleased that I purchased the box as I am now the proud owner of a Chubby Stick and Mascara which would’ve cost me £34.50 from a Clinique counter and I am sure that I will get a lot of use out of them. I am also glad that I have had the chance to try the skincare products for myself so I could decide that they weren’t for me without shelling out over £60 to come to that conclusion. I know that some people swear by these products and if I had different skincare needs maybe I would’ve felt differently about them but as it is, I don’t see myself stocking up at my nearest Clinique counter any time soon.

The British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit was purchased from Although this box is no longer available, check out their other great value boxes, or select from their exciting product samples and build your own custom box.


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