Make Up Revolution Mega Haul!



When I spotted on Instagram that Make Up Revolution were giving shoppers £5 off their orders over £30 during the Bank Holiday Weekend I immediately felt a splurge coming on. This budget brand is great for adding a bit of colour to your make up bag and I was spoilt for choice when I took a look at the site. I had heard about the brand’s new Iconic Pro Lipsticks and I thought that I’d treat myself to one of those and a few other bits and bobs but i’m a sucker for a bargain so when I spotted a half price section on the site menu I set about browsing! Make Up Revolution have produced ‘Collections’ containing key products that are available for just £10, half the price that you would pay when purchasing the products individually. There are four limited edition collections available; Naked to Dusk, Spring, Summer and Go to Heaven. Each collection contained products that appealed to me and I was so torn between which one to go for (and also feeling rather impulsive that day!) that I ended up ordering all four. This does mean that I have a few duplicate products but they will make great little gifts for people, or most likely be donated to one of my lucky sisters! The sets are such incredible value that I don’t mind at all.

Here I will provide a run down of what is included in each collection.

Spring Collection


The Wonder Palette in ‘Sin’ contains 16 eye shadows in a variety of shades from neon yellow to metallic bronze and is a great way to try out some new colours that you might not usually go for. The ‘Go!’ Palette is a collection of 6 eye shadows, 2 blushes and a highlighter in really wearable natural shades and the ‘Go! to Hell’ Palette contains 18 mean and moody eye shadow shades perfect for creating a dramatic smoky eyed look. The other items included in the collection are an eye primer, an Amazing Lengths mascara, a black Kajal liner and a vivid blush lacquer in ‘Heat’. This is the collection to go for if you really want to focus on playing up your eyes.

Summer Collection


This collection contains the ‘Go to the City’ Palette featuring 6 eye shadows, 2 blushers and a highlighter in more vivid shades than the ‘Go’ palette from the previous collection. There is also the ‘I am Sexy’ Palette which consists of 6 eye shadows and deep red lipstick. The eye shadow shades are really wearable and the palette is more compact than the others so it will fit easily into most makeup bags. This set also contains 2 shades of the vivid blush lacquer in ‘Heart’ and ‘O’Boy’. I am really excited to try these out as I often don’t bother with blush and I think that liquid blush is a good way to get a naturally flushed look. There is also The One Blush Stick in ‘Pink’, a LipHug Lipstick in ‘She’s up all Night’, an Amazing Care Lipstick in ‘Love Pink!’ and an Eye Dust pot in ‘Levity’. Both lipsticks are nice shades of pink without being too gaudy and its always nice to have a lip product that moisturises your lips as it colours like this amazing care one. The eye dust is a nice shade and loose powder shadows are great for building up a strong colour when applied with an eye shadow brush.

Naked to Dusk Collection


This collection contains the previously seen ‘Go! to the City’ Palette, the ‘I am Powerful’ Palette which is quite similar to the ‘I am Sexy’ one but has a darker lipstick with it for a different look. Also included is the ‘Go! To Heaven’ Palette which consists of 18 neutrally coloured eye shadows, 2 Eye Dust pots in ‘Indirect’ and ‘Cautious’, a LipHug Lipstick in ‘Save Me From Yourself’, the previously featured vivid blush lacquer in ‘Heat’ and a Wow Stick lip pencil in ‘Heart of Glass’. The LipHug and Wow Stick are in quite natural shades so would work well with the shadows from the Go! To Heaven palette for a fresh daytime look.

Go to Heaven Collection


Most of the items in this collection feature in the previous ones but there is also a different shade of LipHug, ‘I Wasn’t Mixed Up’, an Eye Dust pot in ‘Starless’ and a Baked Eye shadow in ‘Blue Planet’. I particularly liked the look of the last 3 items which is why I went ahead and ordered this collection even though it contains so many duplicates. ‘Starless’ is a dark grey/black shade so will be perfect for a dramatic smoky eye and the Baked Eye shadow is just gorgeous. The swirls of colour within it create a really nice effect when applied.

Iconic Pro Lipstick in ‘You’re a Star’ – £2.49


So this is the lipstick that I originally logged on to check out, leading to my splurge! This is one of the nude shades from the collection (it looks darker in this pic than it actually is!) and it provides long lasting coverage and colour whilst being comfortable to wear. There are 20 shades available, including 5 mattes.

I’m sure you will appreciate why I found it so hard to choose just one of these collections and at £10 each they all provide amazing value for money if you fancy adding a bit if colour to your make up collection!


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