Birchbox: May 2015



This month’s Birchbox has a theme that I was very excited about; Free Your Mind. My box arrived all ready to be coloured in and I set about the task with relish! The box even comes with a cute pack of crayons, but I opted to use my coloured fineliners for a brighter and more dramatic effect. It took me about 3 hours to complete the box and I found it a great way to stop boredom snacking! You can put a pic of your completed box on the Birchbox site to be in with a chance of winning £500 to spend in the Birchbox shop!

In spite of the fact that the box itself is awesome this month its really all about the contents so let’s move onto the reviews. First up, the Caudalie Vinoperfect Tinted Moisturiser:


I am a big fan and regular user of Tinted Moisturiser and I have tried a couple of Caudalie products before and been impressed by them so I was really excited to see this in my box. When I applied it however, I was disappointed. I didn’t use a separate moisturiser beforehand owing to the fact that this is supposed to be one itself, but I found it difficult to blend and absorb into my skin, and it left a slight caked-on look. The consistency is more like a foundation than the more fluid formula that you would usually associate with tinted moisturisers and since I prefer a lighter coverage product, this was definitely not a plus point. Also, the shade that I received was ‘light’ and although this is probably what I would usually go for in the absence of a ‘light-medium’ alternative, I felt that it was a bit too light for me, which added to the chalky, unnatural appearance. I will give the product another go after using a separate moisturiser beforehand, but it certainly didn’t excite me based on first impressions. The sample is a generous size though so if it matches your skin tone well and you are after a little more coverage than your average Tinted Moisturiser you may be delighted with it.

Next up, the Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge:


Of the 3 shades that you could’ve received I got ‘Paris’ and I have to say I was very pleased because I had seen this lipstick around and this lovely purpley pink colour is definitely the one I would’ve chosen myself. When I first opened the tube I was a bit concerned by how gloopy the product looked on the applicator brush, but once I wiped off the excess it applied smoothly and evenly and was a beautiful striking shade. The lipstick has a matte texture but is designed to moisturise so it won’t dry your lips out. The packaging boasts of ‘tattoo-like staying power’ and although I certainly wouldn’t go that far, it held up reasonably well as the day progressed. Again, this is a decent sized product so I will be able to get a lot of use out of it before I even have to consider whether I want to shell out the £21 that the full sized product costs!

Next up, the Wah London Nail Art Pen:


Over the past few months a regular Birchbox feature has been asking subscribers to ‘choose their sample’ from a selection of 3 products by a particular brand. This month you could choose from Wah London’s Nail Polish, Nail Art Pen and Press On Nails. I don’t really have much inclination to wear press ons and I have received several polishes from various boxes lately so I opted for the Nail Art pen. I received a navy blue shade and the design of the pen makes it easy to draw spots and other shapes freestyle, or the cap can be unscrewed to reveal a ‘striping brush’ to make creating a striped nail a breeze. This is a cute little product to add a bit of fun to your weekend or holiday manicure and is a nice addition to the box.

Next I tried the RMK Point Make Up Remover:


When used with my trusty cotton pads this remover made light work of my everyday nude shadow, brown eyeliner and mascara and didn’t leave my face feeling dry or tight. I have already mentioned that I am a Garnier Micellar devotee and nothing else is likely to make me switch my allegiance but sometimes when you have particularly stubborn or heavy make up you want something with a bit more power and this remover was great. Its also a really handy size for taking on your travels since as much as I love my Micellar, the bottle is huge and most definitely not overnight bag friendly!

The final sample I received was the Parlor Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray:


I have naturally fine, curly hair but I never wear it that way since it dries in a really strange overall shape and turns to frizz if I so much as hold a comb up to it. Any product that promises to create lovely tousled waves is definitely worth a try in my book! I spritzed it onto my damp hair, scrunched it up a bit, left it to dry naturally and hoped for the best. Well the curls certainly looked a bit tidier and better formed than usual but unfortunately my hair barely touches my shoulders and I think that the beach goddess look can only really be achieved if you have
a bit more of a lustrous mane than I do! It is a nice product though and definitely worth a try!

May’s box also contained a bonus Reconstructing Hair Masque sachet:


I’m not big on hair products in general but I have tried quite a few intensive treatments recently and it is nice to use something like this weekly to give your hair a bit of extra TLC. It always feels fabulously smooth and silky afterwards and is that bit more compliant when it comes to styling. I am planning to try this after my bath later!

Overall I thought this month’s box was probably the best that I have received since I began my subscription and is definitely a bargain for the £12.95 monthly cost. I welcomed the opportunity to flex my creative muscles by colouring the box and impressed myself with the result!

Birchbox subscription costs £12.95 per month. Details can be found at


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