Glossybox: June 2015



Well its review time for June’s Glossybox and its another slightly underwhelming one unfortunately. I have gotten a bit tired of seeing the same sort of thing in all of my boxes at the moment. Probably a sign that I should give one or two of them up! Oh well that’s a dilemma for another time, here’s a closer look at this month’s offerings:


The Kueshi Anticellulite Booster Lotion was one of the more impressive items. The full sized cream is quite rich and has a pleasant, delicate scent. It is supposed to improve the appearance of existing cellulite and prevent the formulation of new dimples so I was certainly excited to try it. I am sceptical of most products like this since they appear to be promising miracles but after a few days of applying it all over my legs, thighs and bottom they were soft and smooth and seemed a little more toned looking although that could easily just be wishful thinking! I will continue using the cream alongside my dry body brush to further help stimulate blood circulation but a healthy diet and plenty of water play the biggest part in keeping cellulite in check so I will be sure to try a little harder in these areas too otherwise using this lotion is pretty pointless.


The MONU Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist is a product that I had seen around before and was excited to try. Great for spraying on in the morning to wake yourself up a bit, spritzing when you’re feeling hot and bothered to help you feel refreshed and even for setting make up, this spray has many uses. It smells beautiful and the sample is a handy size to keep in your handbag or desk to whip out when you need it. I used it to cool me down during some of the warmer weather last week and I was pretty impressed. Its a lovely product to have a round and I will certainly get use out of this sample but I am unsure whether I will deem it essential enough to purchase the full sized product once this runs out.


The Essence Gel Nail Polish is in the beautiful green shade ‘Prince Charming’ and it immediately appealed to me. I love the finish of the new gel polishes that are around at the moment so I was happy to give it a try. Essence is a budget Drugstore brand and the difference in quality between this and the Nails Inc gel polish that I received in my Heart Beauty Essentials box earlier in the month was immediately obvious. The polish had a thick, gloopy consistency and it was hard to get an even finish when applied. It looked awful at first though as it dried it did look a little better. Essence advise using a base coat and gel top coat for the best results and although these were not included for me to try myself on this occasion, the base and top coats cost £2.50 each and the polish just £1.60 at Wilko stores in the UK so it wouldn’t exactly break the bank to buy them all and give them a try. There are a number of shades in the range so it is a good way of trying out the gel polish look without having to pay Nails Inc prices.


I have lumped the final two products in the box together since neither of them especially impressed me! Travel packs of facial wipes are always handy so I have no doubt that I will use these Halo ones but I wasn’t particularly excited to see them in a box of beauty surprises meant to showcase new and exciting products and brands! Tattoos like these ones have found their way into many of my boxes lately and as I said in my Birchbox review post, they’re not really my thing so I just can’t see myself using them. I might see if my young niece is interested in taking them off my hands!

So all in all I wasn’t exactly blown away this month. Whilst the products inside the box were still worth more than the monthly subscription price, the box didn’t represent such value for money as it has on previous months. I will still be getting use out of most of the products though so I suppose I can’t complain too much! I’m curious to see what next month’s box brings because if I do decide to cancel a subscription or two I fear that Glossybox just might be on the chopping block…


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