You Beauty Discovery: June 2015



Soooo in spite of me realising that I should probably cut down on my Beauty Box subscriptions, I found myself signing up to yet another one this month. Oops! You Beauty Discovery is a little different to the rest in that at the beginning of the month you are emailed a shortlist of products and you choose which two you would like to sample. Your choices are then sent to you, along with a few other treats for the very reasonable price of £6.95. I like the fact that you can choose the products that really interest you rather than being completely in the dark about what you might end up with, and the low monthly subscription cost makes this an ideal starter box if you are keen on trying a beauty box subscription service but are unsure whether it is really worth it.
You Beauty also regularly compiles Limited Edition boxes which can be purchased with or without a subscription. I snapped up the most amazing box of CEW Award winning products for just £19.95 when I began my subscription and although it is sadly no longer available, you can purchase a box of Burt’s Bees essentials at the moment for the same price.

Here’s what I chose for my box this month:


Crown C436 Mini Duo Fibre Blender Brush
This brush is made from a blend of goat and synthetic hair, making it very soft and ideal for use with liquid, cream or powder. It is good for applying foundation and concealer, and also to blend out areas of contour and highlight. I have been expanding my brush collection quite a bit lately and as I recently ordered my very first contouring kit, this will be a useful addition to my make up bag.

Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer
This primer offers protection and hydration for your skin prior to the application of your make up base, helping it to go on smoothly and boosting it’s staying power. I love the fact that Inika is a company that uses mostly organic ingredients, and having tried one of their eyeliners, which I swear by, I am confident that this primer will be effective and good quality. I am only just getting into the habit of applying primer because I don’t very often use heavy foundation on my face, but it is nice to have a product that will help it look flawless and stay in place when I do!

In addition to my two chosen samples, this month’s box contained a yummy pack of Urban Fruit baked Strawberry pieces (which I consumed as soon as I had taken the pic!), two individual bags of Clipper green and red fruits and aronia berry tea and a triple pack of wipes which consisted of a dry tissue, a sanitising wet wipe and a cleansing wet wipe. I enjoy trying a variety of flavoured teas and love keeping little things like the wipes in my handbag for emergencies so I was quite pleased with my little extras. They’re not exactly earth shattering but since you are paying under £7 for the box and the samples you receive are guaranteed to cost more than that, anything else really is just a nice bonus.

You Beauty Discovery is a monthly Beauty Box subscription service costing £6.95 a month. For more information or to subscribe, visit


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