So Susan Lip Love Bag: June 2015



Like My Little Box, So Susan was also hit with a supply issue last month, meaning that I only received my June Lip Love bag a couple of days ago. I’ve had time to try the products out now though and there are some beauties here. I won’t have to wait as long for my July bag now either. Yay!
Here’s a closer look at what was included in the June bag:

So Susan Lip Dome in ‘Blackcurrant’


I received one of these Lip Domes in a different shade a few months back and they are great to slick on when you’re in a hurry. They provide quite a strong matte colour whilst also being hydrating and giving your lips a slight plumped up look. The formula isn’t particularly long lasting so touch ups are required throughout the day but it feels comfortable on your lips so that isn’t really a problem. I like the rich berry shade as an alternative to the girly, sometimes sickly sweet summery colours that I have seen around a lot at the moment.

Jelly Pong Pong Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil


There always seems to be at least one highlighting product in the Lip Love bags every month! This is a great multipurpose crayon can be used as an eyeshadow base, waterliner and concealer as well as a general highlighter so it is a useful addition to your make up kit. It is emollient based so it blends into the skin easily and is good for disguising light blemishes and dark circles. It is also good for giving you a fresh faced, wide eyed look when used as a waterliner.

Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments Lip/Cheek Cream in ‘Cake Pop’


This lip and cheek cream looks disconcertingly vivid in the pot but you only need a small amount on both lips and cheeks to provide a pretty splash of colour. I applied it with my fingers and coloured my lips first, only adding the product to my cheeks when there was only a little left on the end of my finger to ensure that I didn’t end up looking like I’d been slapped in the face! It has the formula of a lip balm so it is easy to blend into your skin. I quite liked the effect of using the same shade on both my cheeks and lips when it was subtly applied and it is a hassle free way to get a nice fresh faced look in no time at all.

So Susan Cashmere Blush in ‘Rose Chiffon’


This clever powder blush feels like a cream upon contact with the skin, and can actually help minimise the appearance of large pores and absorb excess oil leaving your skin looking glowing and flawless. This shade is subtle enough for everyday use and really does feel great on your skin. My only problem is that I have received a lot of various blushes lately and I am not a particularly big fan of them. As blushes go though, this one is a goodie and as always with So Susan, the packaging is gorgeous so its definitely a product that I wouldn’t mind being seen with!

Also in the bag this month is a pair of Infinity Drop Earrings. So Susan regularly include an accessory or item of Jewellery as an extra little subscribers gift. The earrings are a cute coral colour and although I’m not exactly overwhelmed by them I might get some use out of them with a pretty sundress on a sunny day.

Well that’s it for the June bag. I am continually impressed with the quality of So Susan and Jelly Pong Pong products and as a make up lover it’s great to receive a subscription that is entirely make up based, particularly when a lot of my other subscriptions have been lacking in that department lately. The only problem is that some of the products are starting to feel a bit repetitive. I appreciate the same product but in a different shade, like the Lip Domes, but multiple variations of blusher month after month will definitely start to get tiresome soon.

For more information on the Lip Love subscription service, which costs £14.95 per month, or on individual So Susan or Jelly Pong Pong products, visit


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  1. Really nice bag! I really want that blush 🙂 Do you know if So Susan products meant for all age or targeted at a specific age group? sorry for the random question.


    • It’s hard to tell to be honest because they do have some colourful and innovative products and the packaging is cute and fun but the individual retail prices of the products aren’t particularly cheap so I doubt that they are aiming for a particularly young demographic. I think the main focus is on the fact that the brand is cruelty free. I am 30 and their stuff appeals to me!


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