My Little Box: July 2015



July brought another My Little Box packed with charm and useful products. The theme for the month was Road Trips and the box contained cute additions of a travel organiser and a diary and pen as well as some road trip essentials stowed away in the familiar little pouch. Here’s a closer look at the products:

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen this product around before! Micellar waters and gels are popping up all over the place at the moment, but this one by Garnier is one of the original products and remains a really popular choice. I’m already a religious user of this stuff but the usual 400ml bottle is quite cumbersome to cart around with you on holidays or weekend breaks so I was delighted to find this mini format in the box. Micellar water is a quick and easy way to cleanse and remove make up using just a cosmetic pad, so it is an ideal product to take on overnight stays or to festivals. It lifts away the day’s make up, dirt and grease without the need to rub, and it is gentle enough to use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

Essie Nail Polish in ‘Haute in the Heat’


I was slightly disappointed to receive the same shade of this Essie polish that I got in my Cohorted Beauty Box a couple of months back, but after reading other reviews online from subscribers who had received a nasty brown shade, I am grateful that I have at least got a shade that I like! Essie is a quality nail polish brand and when you apply two coats of this along with a top coat for extra protection, it is pretty durable.

My Little Beauty Summer Sorbet After Sun Body Gelēe


What is a road trip essential that is often overlooked? After Sun Cream! I am definitely guilty of heading out for the day and underestimating the power of the sun’s rays, particularly on overcast days, so having an after sun product to hand if you do get caught out is a godsend. Even if you have used adequate sun protection during the day, UV rays can still dry your skin out so this light and cooling gel is great for adding some much needed hydration to your skin. It smells lovely too. Bonus!

Travel Organiser




The added extras in this month’s box are this useful little travel organiser and diary and pen. The travel organiser has sections inside for you to keep your passport and tickets safe and in one place, and the little pad and Bic pen (complete with stylus; how very modern!) will allow you to jot down any observations or musings you may have whilst you are off on your travels. As with most months, I am not sure whether I will actually use these extra items much, but they all add to the overall charm and presentation of the box. I am in awe of how much thought goes into creating the whole package every month and that is definitely what keeps me hooked, even on months when the products aren’t all to my taste.

My Little Box is a subscription service costing £14.95 per month. For more information visit


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