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You Beauty Discovery: July 2015



This is the second offering from my newest Beauty Box subscription, You Beauty Discovery. You Beauty is an affordable £6.95 per month and is different to other subscription boxes because you get to choose 2 products to sample from a shortlist which is available at the beginning of each month, meaning you get to sample products that you are really interested in. You Beauty also throw in a couple of bonus treats, one of which usually being some sort of food item, which I seem to get unnaturally excited about! Here are my two picks for July, and what I thought of them:

Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix


I have seen Nip + Fab products around before and have always been interested in them, but reluctant to part with my money since I was unsure whether they would really work. When I saw this sample of their 2-in-1 Body Moisturiser and Toning Gel it seemed the perfect opportunity to see whether it would work for me before committing to buy. The tube advises applying the gel post workout or after a hot shower but since I have been slacking on the fitness front lately I can only comment on my post shower impressions! The gel has a pleasant scent and absorbs well into the skin. I particularly focused on my thighs and upper arms since they are my main problem areas and I really can see a little improvement in my skin tone and texture. I have been using this alongside the Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish which I received in my Glamour Summer Edit box so it is impossible to say whether one is doing a better job than the other, but for now I am happy with the effect that I am achieving using both items and I will continue doing so. The full sized 200ml version of this product retails at £14.95 but is currently on offer at http://superdrug.com for just £7.45 so I think its definitely worth purchasing!

Lola Nail Polish in ‘Stone Grey’


Perhaps a strange choice of shade for mid summer, yet this deep Stone Grey varnish really appealed to me. Two coats provide a high gloss, gel-like effect and it is pretty fast drying. I am building up quite a collection of nail polishes at the moment and though I don’t actually get much chance to wear them, I find myself regularly lusting after new shades and brands. Unfortunately I can’t comment on how hard wearing this polish is since I had to remove it again quite quickly before work, but I am more than happy with both of my choices this month and feel that my subscription fee was well spent.

The box also contained a sample sachet of Emma Hardie Protect & Prime, a pack of Nairns Muesli Breaks Oatcakes and a 50ml tube of St Tropez’s new In Shower Gradual Tanning Lotion.
I am on a constant mission to find the holy grail of skin correcting, priming face creams so I welcomed the opportunity to try this one, and the Oatcakes were quickly devoured and found to be delicious but the real star here was the amazing In Shower Tanning Lotion.


I prefer a gradual tanning product since my skin is prone to dry patches and I sometimes have trouble with products going on unevenly so its nice to be able to start subtly and build up a nice colour. Also, disasters are easier to get rid of! You know you are getting a quality product with the St Tropez brand and it’s so easy just to tack on an extra few minutes to your daily shower routine in order to build up a natural looking golden tan. I have been applying it to my legs and it works really well.

So, another impressive box from You Beauty Discovery. I look forward to receiving my August Shortlist email!

You Beauty Discovery is a monthly subscription service costing £6.95 per month. Find out more at http://youbeautydiscovery.co.uk